The Epidemiology Of Hepatitis B in Canada

Prevalence of Hepatitis B The precise prevalence of hepatitis B in Canada is unknown. Although some have estimated the prevalence to be about 0.5% – 1.0%, this is, at best, an educated guess. Furthermore, although clinical practice indicates that hepatitis B is not uniformly distributed in the community, the prevalence in different ethnic or occupational, … Read more

Combination Therapy of Chronic Hepatitis C with Ribavirin and Interferon

Learning Objective: To review the efficacy and tolerability of interferon-ribavirin combination therapy in HCV in general and in specific subgroups (genotype 1, cirrhosis) Abstract: A meta-analysis of individual patient data from four European studies, comprising about 90% of the published experience with interferon-ribavirin combination therapy, was carried out to obtain a more precise estimation of … Read more

Hepatitis C – Articles

The following abstracts of presentations to the NIH Consensus Development Conference on Management of Hepatitis C held from March 24-26, 1997 in Bethesda Maryland and were furnished by presenters in advance of the conference. The original book was designed for the use of panelists and participants in the conference and as a pertinent reference document for … Read more

Hepatitis B: Questions Commonly Asked by Patients in Doctor’s Offices

The following questions and answers were prepared by a Gastroenterologist, Family Physician, Pharmacist, Hepatitis Nurse, and Public Health Nurse in preparation for a symposium on hepatitis B for the community in Toronto, Canada in June 1996. They reflect the most common questions asked by their patients. Questions Commonly Asked by Patients in Doctor’s Offices by: … Read more

The Hepatitis D Virus

THIS REVIEW was written by Howard J. Worman, M.D., Departments of Medicine and of Anatomy and Cell Biology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY 10032. Dr. Worman has more reviews available at his Current Papers in Liver Disease site. Hepatitis B By Howard J. Worman, M. D. Chang, M.-H., Chen, C.-J., Lai, M.-S., Hsu, H.-M., Wu, T.-C., … Read more

Interferon alfa therapy for chronic hepatitis B in children: a multinational randomized controlled trial

Gastroenterology. 114:988-99 Interferon alpha is effective in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in adults and is approved for this indication in the United States and several other countries. Its safety and efficacy has not been as carefully evaluated in children. This trial at several centers in Canada, Europe and the United States examined the … Read more

Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B

Dr. Sherman is a Hepatologist practicing in Toronto, Canada. This paper has been submitted as a contribution to the Update in Liver Disease Conference 1998 and discusses current and future therapies for hepatitis B. (Some clinical information related to lamivudine has been omitted until data publication). Dr. Morris Sherman The first licensed therapy for chronic hepatitis … Read more

Specific Immunotherapy for the Control of Hepatitis B Virus Multiplication

Key Learning Objectives At the end of the session, the participants will be able to: define the concept of “specific immunotherapy” clearly delineate its potential side effects update the literature on data obtained with current vaccines define new strategies and, in particular, the concept of “DNA vaccination” summarize the data available with DNA vaccines for … Read more

Hepatitis – Zeffix treatment

BioChem Pharma Inc. announced that new Zeffix data were presented today at the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) congress, in Rotterdam. Lifetime treatment of a chronic illness is a daunting prospect-for patient, physician and budget holders. It can also prove to be a major hurdle to effective treatment. In the case … Read more