Epidemiology and Natural History of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

One of the world’s experts on the epidemiology and natural history of viral hepatitis, Dr. Leonard Seeff is the Chief of Gastroenterology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington. In addressing these topics as they relate to hepatitis C virus (HCV), Dr. Seeff discussed the difficulties in studying the natural history of an … Read more

The HBeAg Negative, HBV-DNA Positive Patient Causes and Therapy

To review: * A diagnostic algorithm in HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B * Pathogenesis and natural course of this patient population * Treatment strategies for these patients Abstract: HBsAg positive patients with chronic hepatitis may be either positive or negative for serum HBeAg. The former cases represent the [email protected] forms of chronic hepatitis B while … Read more

Hepatitis Vaccination: Questions and Answers


This area is currently very topical, with the recent development of an effective vaccine against hepatitis A, and the implementation plans of almost all provinces and territories for universal hepatitis B vaccination. In this article, the most frequently posed questions concerning immunoprophylaxis against viral hepatitis will be addressed. Question: Is the new hepatitis A vaccine … Read more