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The following abstracts of presentations to the NIH Consensus Development Conference on Management of Hepatitis C held from March 24-26, 1997 in Bethesda Maryland and were furnished by presenters in advance of the conference. The original book was designed for the use of panelists and participants in the conference and as a pertinent reference document for anyone interested in the conference deliberations. We are grateful to the authors who have summarized their materials and made them available in a timely fashion.

Hepatitis C

  • Introduction to the NIH Consensus Development Conference on Management of Hepatitis C
  • Panel, Speakers, and Planning Committee

I. Natural History of Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C Virus: an Introduction by Robert H. Purcell, M.D.
  • Hepatitis C: The Clinical Spectrum of Disease: Jay H. Hoofnagle, M.D.
  • Natural History of Hepatitis C by Leonard B. Seeff, M.D.
  • Blood Donors With Hepatitis C by Harvey J. Alter, M.D.
  • Hepatitis C and Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Adrian M. Di Bisceglie, M.D.
  • Hepatitis C and Alcohol by Eugene R. Schiff, M.D

II. Diagnosis of Hepatitis C

  • Diagnostic Tests for Hepatitis C by David Gretch, M.D., Ph. D
  • Diagnosis of Hepatitis C by Anna Lok, M.D., and Naresh T. Gunaratnam, M.D.
  • Role of Liver Biopsy by Robert P. Perrillo, M.D.

III. Epidemiology and Spread of Hepatitis C

  • Epidemiology of hepatitis C by Miriam J. Alter, M.D., Ph. D.
  • Sexual and Perinatal Spread of Hepatitis C Virus Infection by Jules L. Dienstag, M.D.

IV. Therapy of Hepatitis C

  • Therapy of Hepatitis C: Overview by Karen L. Lindsay, M.D.
  • Management of Hepatitis C: A National Survey of Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists by James Everhart, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Therapy of Hepatitis C: Interferon Alfa-2b by Robert L. Carithers, Jr., M.D.
  • Therapy of Hepatitis C With Interferon Alfa-2a by William M. Lee, M.D.
  • Interferon Alfa-n1 Trials by Geoffrey C. Farrell, M.D., F.R.A.C.P.
  • Consensus Interferon Trials by Emmet B. Keeffe, M.D., F. Blaine Hollinger, M.D., and Consensus Interferon Study Group
  • Ribavirin Treatment Alone or in Combination With Interferon by Olle Reichard, M.D., Ph. D., and Ola Weiland, M.D., Ph. D.
  • Side Effects of Interferon Alpha in Viral Hepatitis by Geoffrey Dusheiko, M.D., F.R.C.P.
  • Predictive Factors for a Beneficial Response by Gary L. Davis, M.D., F.R.C.P.
  • Treatment of Patients With Cirrhosis by Solko W. Schalm, M.D.
  • Treatment of Patients With Normal ALT Levels by Patrick Marcellin, M.D., Ph. D.
  • Retreatment With Interferon by Alfredo Alberti, M.D.
  • Other Options for Treatment of Hepatitis C by Herbert L. Bonkovsky, M.D.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis by Raymond S. Koff, M.D.

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