The Hepatitis Knowledge Newsletter

The Hepatitis Knowledge Newsletter is edited by F.H. Anderson, MD., FRCP(C), Natalie Rock, BSN, RN, Susan Campbell, RN. Room B-206, Dept. of Medicine, Van. Gen. Hosp. 855 W 12th. Vancouver V5Z 1M9. Phone: (604)209-9976 Fax: (604)875-4429.

The Newsletter is supported by an educational grant from Schering Canada Inc. and GlaxoWellcome Canada.

Current and Upcoming Issues

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B: The Complexities
Hepatitis B: Transmission
Hepatitis B: Presentation, Diagnosis, Prevention
Hepatitis B: Progression, Pathology
Hepatitis B: Assessment for Treatment
Hepatitis B: Treatment: Management and Determination of Response
Hepatitis B: Treatment: Side Effects of Treatment

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C: The Complexities
Hepatitis C: Transmission
Hepatitis C: Presentation, Diagnosis, Prevention
Hepatitis C: Progression, Pathology
Hepatitis C: Natural History & Treatment
Hepatitis C: Assessment for Treatment
Hepatitis C: Treatment
Hepatitis C: Treatment: Management and Determination of Response
Hepatitis C: Treatment: Side Effects of Treatment
Hepatitis C: Treatment: Special Situations
Hepatitis C: Special Symptoms and Their Management
Hepatitis C: Clinical Vignettes

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